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Our people are the most important asset of our business. One of our key business growth strategies is to train and develop our teams.

We offer in house training that is accredited by W&RSETA on :

Customer Service

Product  Knowledge


Selling Skills

We also additional on the job training on a wide number of fields and refresher courses such as in fork lift driving. Our training is generally delivered in house, although there are cases where Specialists are hired to offer services. Our Suppliers visit us frequently to ensure that we are up to date with Product Knowledge.

All training is aimed upskilling our staff in order to equip them to deliver excellent customer sales experience. Life skills training are also offered because we are interested in the welfare of our staff and families as well.


We also offer learnerships that are accredited by EW&RSETA.

Learnership courses run for a year. They offer a comprehensive learning package which includes theory in a Training Room set up and also offer practical training in our stores.

After successful completion of the learnership, we interview, evaluate and do placements in the best manner possible within the Laduma Hardware group.

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